Vat die pad na een van dié Kaapse landbouskoue!

Agri-Expo Agri-Shows Route showcases Agri-Expo’s seventeen agricultural member shows

Agricultural shows are invaluable to the agricultural industry. Rural shows also are a much-needed financial injection for local economies and offer a wonderful opportunity to experience the wholesomeness of rural hospitality!

Show time in the countryside is not just a celebration of the joy of agriculture, but also brings communities together and provide fun and enjoyment. In the Western Cape there still is a vibrant show culture and annual shows of world quality are offered throughout the year.

Central to this lively show culture stands an organisation that not only provides expert assistance and advice, but intervenes and helps when the going gets tough – and that is Agri-Expo, who as the Cape of Good Hope Agricultural Society already in the 1930s started coordinating South Africa’s agricultural shows – something Agri-Expo still does with pride today.

As you know, over the past two years, most agricultural shows in the province could not take place. However, thanks to the initiative of Agri-Expo many of them could this year benefit from a special ministerial award from Dr Ivan Meyer, Western Cape Minister of Agriculture.

Despite pandemic challenges, there is great excitement about the 2022 show calendar …Now also known as the Agri-Expo Agri-Shows Route, showcasing 17 agricultural members shows and many, many weekends during which YOU can join a celebration of the warm hospitality of the countryside! Make a note of these 17 show weekends from February to October 2022!

*These are members shows of Agri-Expo, there are many more shows – visit our Important Dates page for more