Cape Town to host international agricultural conference

Dec 13, 2017

Cape Town to host international agricultural conference

Cape Town will play host to the Commonwealth’s 30th Agricultural Conference in 2022. The bid for hosting the conference has been awarded by the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth (RASC) to Agri-Expo, a non-profit agricultural society.

“Agri-Expo’s successful bid to host this international conference in Cape Town is an ideal opportunity to direct global attention to the South African agricultural environment and specifically the Western Cape,” says Johan Ehlers, Chief Executive Officer of Agri-Expo and Trustee on the Board of the RASC. “The conference will highlight the challenges and successes of our agricultural role-players and will further build on South Africa and the Western Cape’s accessibility as the gateway to agriculture in Africa.”

The  30th Commonwealth Agricultural Conference will take place in the Cape Town International Conference Centre from 13 to 18 November 2022. The previous conference in South Africa was held by the Royal Agricultural Society of Natal in KwaZulu-Natal in 2001. The conference is attended by around 500 delegates from 30 Commonwealth countries and is supported by International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE), acting as showcase for agriculture in the United States.

“The RASC is a confederation of more than 50 agricultural societies, research institutions and agricultural associations across the Commonwealth with HRH The Princess Royal as President. As the sole voice of agriculture in the Commonwealth, working closely with the Commonwealth Secretariat and its associated bodies, the RASC thus plays a crucial role in the promotion of agriculture,” Ehlers says.

The 28th Commonwealth Agricultural Conference will be held in 2018 in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) and the 29th conference in 2020 in Norwich (Norfolk, England).

According to Ehlers, the allocation of the bid to Cape Town follows on the success of the RASC’s Next Generation Assistance and Understanding Mission, hosted by Agri-Expo in the Western Cape in September of this year. During 2017, Agri-Expo was also involved with the organising of conferences for the World Wine Trade Group (WWTG) and the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ).

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Volgens Ehlers volg die toekenning van die bod aan Kaapstad op die sukses van die RASC se Next Generation Ondersteuning-en-Begripmissie wat in September deur Agri-Expo in die Wes-Kaap aangebied is. Agri-Expo was ook vanjaar betrokke by die organiseer van konferensies vir die World Wine Trade Group (WWTG) en die International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ).

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