The South African Dairy Championships

Promoting Quality Dairy Products Since 1834

Agri-Expo has been involved in the South African dairy industry since 1834, when the first South African Dairy Championships was held with one goal in mind: TO PROMOTE EXCELLENCE IN DAIRY PRODUCTS.

To date, this is still the objective, and the annual SA Dairy Championships is a fine example of this. Around 900 dairy products are judged by about 80 experts who evaluate the appearance, texture and flavour of products in ten categories.

Agri-Expo created the Qualité emblem in 2001 and today it is South Africa’s only mark of excellence in the dairy industry.

The winner in each of the 100+ classes receives the SA Champion Award, whereas only a few outstanding products are awarded the Qualité Award.

The product with the highest score is awarded as SA Dairy Product of the Year.

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