Farmer Time South Africa

A First for Agri-Expo, South Africa And Africa

Next, we take Agriculture to the classroom with our new project, Farmer Time South Africa! This is Africa’s first-ever participation in the international Farmer Time project. Agri-Expo is extremely thankful for this new opportunity to partner with the esteemed Farmer Time brand, joining the UK, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Denmark and New Zealand – and now South Africa!  

Great news is that Agri-Expo has already kicked off a Farmer Time South Africa pilot project in 2021 in collaboration with Porterville High School … and will expand further in 2022. Paul Mouton, agricultural teacher at Porterville High School, says the school and the pupils are extremely excited about the new project. The school introduced agricultural subjects in 2015 and believe this project will attract even more students to come to their school, putting Porterville on the map as an agricultural school!

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