An Overview: Agri-Expo from 1831-2016

Aug 1, 2015

1831The founding of the Cape of Good Hope Agricultural Society was announced in the Cape of Good Hope Government Gazette on Friday 25 November 1831 as follows:
1847On 25 November 1847, the first livestock show took place on the Parade in Cape Town.
1857Sir George Grey, Governor of the Cape at the time, granted permission for the show to take place at the paddocks at the top of the Gardens. He also supported a series of big shows through government funding to take place in Caledon, Swellendam, George, Worcester, Paarl and Cape Town.
1865When it was Cape Town’s turn to host the sixth big show, Governor P.E. Wodehouse gave permission for the use of the top section on the south side of the Gardens – not the paddocks.
1894The first Cape show took place on the Society’s grounds in Rosebank, previously owned by Cecil John Rhodes. After 58 years, the last Rosebank Show took place on 8 March 1952.
1954The beginning of a new era. At the Goodwood Showgrounds, the Society not only concentrated on the show of agricultural products, but also presented programmes involving commerce, industry and entertainment.
1995Sale of the Goodwood Showgrounds. The marketing name Agri-Expo was registered and today, the Society still supports and promotes the image of agriculture in the Western Cape. Due to the heightened intensity with which projects are presented, the public’s expectations and the wide media coverage received, pressure is placed on the staff in the Durbanville office and on the Society’s farm, Sandringham at Muldersvlei, to maintain high standards and to apply themselves with dedication to these projects.
2006Agri-Expo’s 175th Anniversary!
2011Agri-Expo turned 180
2016Agri-Expo’s 185th Anniversary!


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